"Jesus Is Fighting For You" - Pastor Marv Sangsland

This week we were encouraged from the Word by pastor Marv Sangsland.  Christ is fighting for us even though we are his enemies.   We as sinners have made ourselves the enemy of God and have separated ourselves from him.  Yet as Christians we have hope because Christ came to make sure that we didn't have to be separated any more. This doesn't mean that we are perfect people. We will still sin and separate ourselves from him but we Christ will always be there. So as Christians (followers of Christ) Pastor Marv explained how we are to do as Christ did for us and love our enemies.  We have been called to love and pray for those who persecute us and come against us.  It is easy to pray for and love someone who already loves you but to pray for those who hate you takes the grace of God.  Take some time this week to listen to this sermon and reflect on how this fits into your life and be honest with yourself about the people in your life that you should be loving and praying for.


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