Keep It Natural - Pastor Ted Buck

Pastor Ted brought a very relevant message on the nature of Evangelism in the church today.  For many the word brings a sense of fear and doubt in regard to our ability to lead others to Christ.  God did not call us to be lifestyle referees but he did call us to go into all the world introducing people to Jesus. In his message this last Sunday Ted outlined the four things that we need in order to do this.  First we need to view people like God views people. Second we need to truely believe in the power of the gospel message. Third we have to spend time praying that God would show us the open doors and opportunities to share with others and allow the Holy Spirit to work through us.  It is not in our strength that people come to know who Christ is.  Fourth, we have to silence the voices of doubt.  This one is the tricky one. We all face moments of doubt when it comes to sharing the gospel with someone else.

We allow fear of rejection or fear of saying something wrong or misleading stop us from even trying.  But the problem is that if we don't tell them the good news and we don't offer it in a real and natural way who will.   Evangelism is not something that was meant to be mechanical or robotic.  It is simply doing life with other people around us and letting the opportunities rise up where we can live out our faith and look for ways to point people to the amazing truth that we are already aware of.

We have to remember that we are not any better than they are, the only difference is that we have found the saving grace of Jesus Christ and it has made a profound difference in our lives.  Because of this the question should become who am I not willing to go to heaven without?  Well, only you can answer this question. So who is it for you?......Now go, live life in such a way that people can't help but be impacted for Christ, and seize any and every opportunity to share the hope of Christ with that person.

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