Kibbles and Bits of Truth

Daily Bible CoverToday the Lord is looking upon this people, seeking anyone who would desire Him. Searching for those that would want Him above everything else! My parents have these two crazy dogs. One of them is a black Sharpei named Brutus and the other is a Pomeranian named Grizz. These dogs are different in every way. Brutus appears to be caffeinated 24-7. He’s the dog that never stops. He will literally run for days and play with anything that moves. He will run in the same figure 8 pattern in the back yard for a couple hours until he’s worn a giant dirt path in the middle of our lawn. If your not a dog lover he will sense your avoidance and un-ashamedly seek you out in the crowd as if your the only one there. The party hasn’t started till he’s jumped on you, licked you and slobbered on you. The truth is Brutus’ only objective is to seek you out and love on you in his own interesting ways.

Grizz is a somewhat different story. Grizz is the smaller of the two dogs but he thinks he’s royalty in comparison to his peasant brother. Yes, he’s the crowd favorite! When your sitting on the couch, he’ll hop in your lap and everyone love’s it...everyone except me. I’ve watched him and the only reason he comes up to you is to be held, petted and admired. If you stop petting him, he will literally claw at your hand until you continue to pet him. If you put him down, he will claw at your legs so that you will hold him again. He will be playing with a toy and if he sees Brutus having fun with someone’s sock that he secretively drug out of a room, Grizz will come and take the sock from Brutus and start playing with it. Then Brutus will find a different toy and Grizz will get possessive over that. The truth is, as I’ve witnessed, Grizz’s only objective is to seek you out so that you will love on him in his own interesting ways.

The message of this blog isn’t to be anti-grizz or to always shun the Pomeranian. I believe that there are some similarities with these pups and Abraham’s life that I would like to point out.

God had asked Abraham in Genesis 22:2 to take his son Isaac, who was his miracle, his promise, his most prized possession and to sacrifice him as a burnt offering to the Lord. The son that he had waited 25 years for since the time God had spoken the promise to him. The only son that came from his wife Sarah whom he loved and who was barren.

Although sacrificing his son was completely out of God’s character and desire for Abraham, Abraham made a unwavering, bold and confident decision that if the Lord had said it, then it must be done exactly as He had spoken. God’s presence, His word and approval was worth more then Abraham’s life! God’s presence, His word and approval was more valuable than anything that the Lord had given Abraham! Abraham knew that God had the unfailing ability to always do the right thing and Abraham’s faith and hope was more in God then it was in what God would give him.

The bullet the Lord hit me with, when reading this, was that His presence is the destination! His presence is supreme! HIS PRESENCE IS TO BE HELD HIGHER THEN HIS PROMISE! The things He gives us are out of the love He has for us! Just because we haven’t been given as much as someone else doesn’t point to the measure of love He has for us. Wether He chooses to give or take away, HE IS GOD AND HE IS TO BE PRAISED NO MATTER OUR POSITION, OUR SITUATION OR OUR INCREASE! 

Brutus, in this case, is to be identified with Abraham. His #1 goal was not to get closer to God to receive more things, more possessions, more pats on the back, MORE FAVOR, MORE BLESSINGS, MORE INCREASE... His desire was to just be in His presence, to hear His voice, follow His plans, walk in His paths and love on God in his own interesting ways. This brought the Lord great delight and because of Abraham’s desire for the PRESENCE the Lord’s favor and blessing was upon him.

Grizz in this case parallels with the Christian who serves the Lord based on his terms and what God will give him or her. If the Lord blesses him, then he will worship. If the Lord gives him the job he desires, then he will seek the Lord and give his time and money to the Lord’s work. His commitment is based fully upon what God can do for him. “Lord if you heal me then I will know that you are God...” “Lord, if you will do this one thing for me, then I will worship you forever...” Although God desires to heal and pour out His blessing on our lives, we should never serve Him to obtain from Him. The second the Lord’s hand is not seen, nor His voice heard...this man or women will find something else to delight in. They will never find fulfillment and always be searching for something that will give them what their heart desires.

I feel like I could write a lot on this subject haha but the fire of the Lord is in me today to write these things to His people. HIS PRESENCE IS WORTH MORE THEN HIS PROMISE! He will be faithful to keep His promises, but our eyes are upon Him and what He gives is secondary. Do not make his promise for you, for your family or for Central Assembly the destination. As if life is mediocre now, but it will be AMAZING when the promise is fulfilled. His presence is the destination! Just knowing that He is with you is enough! He is our great reward! He's our great and mighty Savior! HE IS FAITHFUL! PUT YOUR TRUST IN HIS UNFAILING LOVE! Take delight in His presence this week and it’s crazy that the more you delight yourself in the Lord that He truly will give you the desires of your heart. He is so good, Amen!