Live Life and THRIVE

A new era for THRIVE has begun!  Last night we re-launched the Thrive ministry in our new building and we could not be more happy about the direction that God is taking us and the impact that we will have on this community for college students and people in their 20's.

The seven to ten years after someone graduates high school constitute probably the most significant period of time in ones life.  It is during this time period that most will make some of the biggest, most life altering decisions and many of those decisions will dictate the course of the rest of their lives. What college will I go to? What calling has God placed on my life? Which career path should I take? Should I marry this person? Should I have kids? Is this relationship right for me or is this someone who God wants me to associate with? Should I move out on my own or stay with my parents? Where am I going to work? There seems to be a thousand questions that need answering when we graduate high school and many are looking for anywhere who will listen in order to get answers to those questions.

I believe that the church has many of those answers, but are we willing to put ourselves out there and let this generation of people know that we see them as more than just adults who should know by now how to be one. We need to come along side of them and be their advocate and cheerleader, their mentor and guide, and a trusted friend as they navigate the minefield of questions and issues that will inevitably arise during this pivotal period of their lives. THRIVE will do just this. We are seeking to connect in a very real and natural way with people who are making this transition into adulthood and we are seeking to connect them with the God of the universe who is interested in every facet of their lives and not just their spiritual lives. I can think of no better thing for the church to do than to set up young people to have a Christian world view, so that when they are faced with decisions about the values system that they will embrace or the relationships that they pursue they will be doing so with the knowledge of who God is and what it is that he has called them too.

God does have a call on each and every one of our lives. Wouldn't it serve us well as Christians if we helped to instruct and guide young adults toward the calling that God has placed on their lives before they finish college or some other post secondary education in an area that God never intended them to be in? God is in the business of calling people to a life of living abundantly. He wants us to Thrive in life and the enemy wants nothing more than for us to fall flat on our face and be hopeless, ineffective, lost people as we try to navigate through life.

John 10:10 says this:  "The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." Life to the full is not a promise of health and wealth but it is a promise of a full and satisfying life that is abundant in joy and love and peace.

Satan would love for nothing more than to destroy the hopes and dreams of someone in their twenties because he knows that it is during this period of time when the whole course of a persons life is set. This shouldn’t really be a shock to us because we see it every day. How many people have made forever decisions in their twenties that have impacted the rest of their lives. People having children out of wedlock, getting married and divorced like it was a seasonal activity, desperately trying to find fulfillment in one career after another and feeling like a failure each time one fails, or simply finding themselves compromising their value system for selfish gains or gratification. We will not let this happen and will seek to connect people to the God who is for them and the God who is seeking them out; even to the point of sending his son to die in our place so that we could experience the life of abundance that he has planned for us.

So we invite you to join us on this journey as we pursue God with all that is in us and live the life abundant. If you are not someone who is THRIVE age we ask that you would commit to pray for this generation and for the ministry that will be taking place on Thursday nights here at Central Assembly. If you are THRIVE age we invite you to take a leap of faith and join us in a pursuit that could very well set the course of your life in such a way that you are person who will THRIVE.

Live Life and THRIVE.