Living In Balance

What would it take to find balance in your life? There seems to be so many things that seem to threaten the balance of our lives and one of those things is our finances or our "stuff" and the quest for it.  Every religious system in the world says something about money and personal finance and Christianity is no different. As Christians we need to get to a point of balance in all areas of our lives but this week and for the next several we are going to be looking at personal stewardship and the balance that God asks us of us. Pastor Ted challenges us with several questions that we should be asking ourselves. Does God have your heart because he sure doesn't need your stuff. Matthew 6:21 tells us that where our treasure is, is the same place your heart will be; and in Luke we are reminded that we cannot serve both God and money. But it is interesting to note what it doesn't say. It doesn't say that we cannot serve both God and the Devil.  But this is often how we see it. We figure if we are not serving Satan that we must be doing ok but that is only a lie for the deceiver himself.  All he wants is to keep you distracted from what God has for you. If he can get us focused on your stuff and the things of this world we will not be focused on God and what he has for us.

The bottom line is that Jesus doesn't want to get your money or your stuff he wants to make sure that your money and your stuff doesn't get you.

My Next Step Today Is:

I will memorize Matthew 6:21

This week I will spy on my money by keeping a detailed log of where all my money goes.

I will “surrender” all my stuff to Jesus, starting today.

I will invite at least one person to church next Sunday.

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