Living in Balance pt. 3 - Debt

This week pastor Ted looked at the second law of balance, which is, "Whenever you balance something (especially your finances) you have to make constant corrections." Using a stick balanced on his hand Ted illustrated how we make constant corrections in the way that we hold our hand to make sure that the stick doesn't fall. OUr finances are the same way. We have to know what is going on in our finances and make adjustments and corrections so that our financial world doesn't fall down around us. One of the biggest areas that we have to make corrections on in our life is the way that we use and accumulate debt in this country. Pastor Ted delivers an encouraging word about the role that debt plays in our lives and what God and the world has to say about it.

My Next Step Today Is:

- I will memorize Proverbs 22:7

- I will start to remove all the masters, other than God, from my life by getting out and staying out of debt.

- I will do whatever it takes so that I can serve only one master, my Heavenly Father.

- I will try to invite at least on person to the Harvest Blast or Church this next weekend.

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