Living in Balance pt. 5 - Discontentment

This weeks focus was on our ability to become discontent with the stuff that we have. If we are going to live our lives in balance, especially with our finances, we need to be aware of our tendency for discontentment. Pastor Ted showed how our awareness is directly linked to our discontentment. Awareness fuels our discontentment. It is like gasoline on a fire. We don't realize what we "need" something or that we need to "upgrade" until we become aware of what it is that we don't have. But Discontentment can also fuel positive things in our lives. We can find discontentment with the fact that there are people who still don't know Christ or people who don't have enough to eat or other social injustices in the world. It is out of our awareness and discontentment that we find ourselves acting.

This weeks passage of Scripture is 1 Timothy 6:6-10.

Questions that we need to ask ourselves: What fuels our areas of discontent? What can we do to become less aware? What could you do this week to become more aware of what someone doesn't have, to the point that it bothers? What should you become more discontented over in your life?

My Next Step Today Is:

- I will memorize 1 Timothy 6:6

- I will seek to identify what it is that fuels my discontent with what I have, and look for ways to stop its influence on my life.

- I will seek to become more aware of what someone else doesn't have to the point that it bothers me.

- I will try to invite at least one person to church next Sunday

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