Look What The Lord Has Done

Daily Bible CoverI hope you are still enjoying the Psalms.  Also, to you who are continuing this 2013 exciting journey through God’s Story, I am so proud of the effort being made to finish what you started.  Time spent in God’s Word will never be wasted. Sometimes it is hard to choose which nugget, which truth, which encouragement to set apart so we can elaborate on it.  After what I observed this last Sunday morning it wasn’t hard for me to pick.  The passage I want to reflect on comes from Psalms 145.

Psalm 145:4-5    (NLT)

Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts; let them proclaim your power. I will meditate[a] on your majestic, glorious splendor and your wonderful miracles.

I also like the way the NIV translates this passage.

Psalm 145:4-5    (NIV)

One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts. They speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty— and I will meditate on your wonderful works.[

I love the picture of generations passing down the knowledge and understanding of what God has done.  The generations who are new on the scene need to know how God has worked in the lives of their parents and grandparents.  It wasn’t that long ago that I was talking with some of our kids, who aren’t really kids any more. And I was telling them of miracles that had happened in our lives.  I wanted them to be familiar not only with a knowledge of what God had done in the Bible, I wanted them to know how God had worked in the lives of their parents.

For those of you who are parents or grandparents, have you told your next generations stories of what God has done in your life?  Have you told them or the things you have seen and experienced?  We need to be careful not to keep those kinds of things to ourselves.  We need to commend His works to them.  They need to hear us tell them of His mighty acts.  I want to encourage you to take every opportunity that comes up to do exactly what the Scriptures are saying here.  As I am in my study writing this blog, an old song that talks about this keeps running through my mind.  It goes like this:

Look what the Lord has done.

Look what the Lord has done.

He healed my body, He touched my mind,

He saved me just in time.

And I’m going to praise His name.

Each day it’s just the same.

I’m going to praise Him.

Look what the Lord has done.

Let’s be busy telling anybody we can to look what the Lord has done.

As I close the blog I have to mention something that touched my heart so much on Sunday.  As we were worshipping on Sunday morning, I looked down the front row where I was sitting.  On that row were five of my six daughters and one of my son-in-laws.  My other daughter, my son and my other sons-in-law were also in church.  I remembered what seemed to be just yesterday when my whole family would sit on that pew during the services.  Seven little kids of different ages were sitting in a place where they would hear of the mighty works of the Lord. And now years later, all of them young adults, still placing themselves in a place to be helped and instructed by the Word of God and told of God’s mighty works.  God help us to be a part of pointing the coming generations toward the God who loves them so much.  And God, thank you for allowing me to see my adult children loving and serving you and experiencing your mighty works in their own lives.