Love Where You Live - The Mission

week1Do you Love where you Live? Will You love where you live? We are excited to continue in this series where we look at the vision, mission, purpose and core values of Central Assembly. Pastor Ted shares this week about the mission of the church. We have also begun our 10 week challenge; the I Love My City Campaign. We challenged people last week to commit to doing one random (or planned and intentional) act of kindness for someone, once a week for ten weeks. With that we asked that they would given them one of the cards we had made that lets them know that they are loved and important and that we would love to invite them to check out With our whole church behind this campaign we will effectively invite a couple thousand people to visit our church through the website before Easter.

Don't miss this opportunity to be inspired about the direction of our church, but more importantly, don't miss the opportunity to be inspired about what it means to love our city and to love people the way that God has called us to.


As a side note, this last Sunday was Pastor Ted's birthday. We had a wonderful time celebrating him and his recovery. If you would like to wish him a belated Birthday we will make sure that he receives those messages. We hope you have a wonderful week and that you will seriously consider joining us in this 10 week challenge of loving the people of our city.