Love Where You Live - The Vision

week2 We are excited to have Pastor Ted returning to the pulpit after his battle with a series illness that almost took his life three months ago. He begins a new series this week, "Love Where You Live". In this series we are going to get back to the basics of what Central Assembly is all about and look at the vision, mission, purpose and core values that make Central Assembly, well just that, Central Assembly.

Our vision is simple: We are about Jesus, People and the Pursuit of Both. That is what we have been called to as believers in Christ. We love our city and we love where we live but the real question takes that word that is so over used and instead of it being a noun, we have to look at it as a verb. Instead of saying "I love where I live" we have instead been called with the question that only each of us can answer for ourselves; "Will I love where I live?"

Join us for the next several weeks as we begin to explore what God has called us to and Join us in Loving where we Live.