Daily Bible CoverIt has been such a blessing to me to have a second chance at life.  I just can't express the wonder of being alive--vibrantly alive.  This will probably be the last time I say this, but I praise God continually for the blessing from two cows...giving to me the life-saving, life restoring, life changing valves.  I also thank God for the surgeon whose skillful hands replaced the aortic valve and the mitral valve in my heart and repaired my vicuspid valve! In my reading today, I get to share with you the wonder of God's love for His lost sheep!  The people finally awoke  and went in tears to seek the Lord their God.  "My people have been lost sheep!"   Oh the love of the Father for people.

Then again God's mercy is expressed toward His people when he says "A search will be made for Israel's guilt, but there will be none!  And for the sins of Judah, none will be found!"

This is the incredible plan of our God, who extends His love, mercy and forgiveness of everyone of us.  Let's praise him for His incredible sacrifice that gave us all restoration and forgiveness.

Another great blessing for me is the precious people in Central Assembly of all ages who have prayed for me and loved me.  What a blessing the people of God can be for each other.  I want to reach out to others like never before, because I want everyone to experience this wonderful God-Love that we all share.