More Than A Moment - An Open Letter To Our Church Family From The Desk of Pastor Ted

>mblack-08Dear Church, I feel so privileged to be a part of the Central Assembly church family.  I so enjoy being able to experience the things that God has planned for us.  I am grateful for the moments that we have been able to share together, the special times of our lives, the milestones we have celebrated.  I realized that I have worshiped with the people of Central Assembly in three different facilities over the years.  Now I see the next phase of what God wants to do through this wonderful group of people as we relocate our campus for the fourth time.  What I realize is that this church family that I love is together because of the one we worship.  And as I think of all the wonderful moments that we have experienced I also understand that what God is doing in the middle of us is more than a moment.  It is all part of the continuum of His love and plan for us.

I spoke with our real estate agent the other day and we are experiencing interest in our present campus.  At the same time we are exploring some exciting options for our new campus.  In all of this one of the things that gets me so excited is establishing a church culture of being debt free.  Almost fifteen years ago I felt a strong word from the Lord that we should become debt free as a church.  God knew ahead of time that we would be heading into an unprecedented level of fluidity in the church world.  By fluidity I am speaking of the large amounts of Christians who find themselves flowing from church to church.  He knew that part of having our financial house in order would include operating without debt.  Unfortunately I listened to lots of voices who didn’t feel the sense of urgency in doing things this way and I allowed myself to get in the flow of living with debt.  I take responsibility for that.

In months past God’s word to me was that what He had impressed upon my heart over a decade ago was still valid today.  So I am excited to be able to provide leadership under His guidance for this amazing church family as we start and bring to completion our journey out of debt and into a place of owing no one anything other than a debt of love.

We have no intention of telling other church families how they should go about what God wants to accomplish through them, however as for us and our house we are within striking distance of the church following His leadership and doing it free of the bondage of debt.

I want to finish this note with a couple of things that I gleaned from the branch of Dave Ramsey’s ministry which is geared toward churches.  It is called Momentum.  In one of their brochures there were two questions which I felt were very insightful to say the least.

1)    Is church debt really all that bad?

  1. Yes.  The stability and strength of a church is undermined by a foundation of debt.  A church with debt is just one major crisis away from being forced to close.

2)    Isn’t it God’s will to “grow” the church of Jesus Christ?

  1. Absolutely.  But it is not God’s will for this generation to pass our debt to the next generation.  We can’t ignore the impact of financial slavery on their future.

The ministry that God intends to accomplish through the church family of Central Assembly is More Than a Moment.  I couldn’t be more excited to continue the work of the Gospel free from the bondage of debt.

Wouldn’t it be great if this became a trend?


Pastor Ted