Murphy's Law

Daily Bible CoverToday's Reading is a real roller coaster ride but a fabulous story about a man of integrity. The story of Joseph has always been one of my favorite stories and characters from scripture. There is so much that we can learn from this man. This is a man who lived in the real world. A world that we are all familiar with. The world of Murphy's Law. We have all had and will continue to have those moments in life where it seems that things can't get any worse and yet they do. And even if it isn't a dire situation we know that inevitably the line we choose to get into at the supermarket will always be the slower line. You have to love Murphy's Law. But with Joseph instead of seeing low boiling rage or frustration creep into his life and manifest itself in his reaction to his situations you see Joseph take it in stride and you see a man who rely's on God. I had a conversation with a man just today that is doing just that. He has faced some very troubling financial issues these last several years and has lost most all of any retirement that he had saved. He is facing the prospect of starting again and knows that there are far fewer years left in his life than when he started the first time yet this man has a hope in the fact that God is good and that God has not left him nor will he. He told me that even though he has mountains of stress in his life right now he is thankful that he is breathing and knows that tomorrow will come. He has found peace amidst the storm.

Joseph has a very similar attitude. Was he scard being sold into slavery? Sure. Was he nervous about moving to another country with not freedoms of his own? no doubt. Was he confused and hurting when, after seeing the Lord do amazing things and bless him in his servitude, he had it all taken away and was thrown back into another pit, presumably this time until his eventual death; without a doubt. But through it all he relied on God and he found his strength and peace in the God who is there.

God is at work all the time. He is doing things in the lives of those around us as much as he is doing things in our own lives. We will be taking a closer look at the life of Joseph this Sunday but for now I want you to consider two things. How has God used the things in your life to shape who you are and what you have become? Has Murphy's Law reigned supreme in your life like it seemed to be in Josephs? And what have you done when Murphy came knocking? Did you lash out and find yourself looking for someone or something to blame? Did you play the role of the victim? Did you take a horizontal look at your life, from the perspective of the world and of man or did you take a vertical perspective of the situation by putting your hope and trust in God. Believing that God has a plan and trusting in the fact that God has never left you nor forsaken you.

I hope you have been encouraged these last three weeks as we have been reading through the Bible. There is such a richness and relevance to our lives today that is found in scripture and I would encourage you to stick with it. Even if you find yourself behind in the daily readings. It's never to late to pick it back up and start again. Start with the day that we are on and read a couple of the previous days each day until you catch back up but if you are just joining us or have missed several days start again with today's reading. I hope that you find as much blessing and hope in the story of Joseph as I have.

Blessings, and have a Great Week