Daily Bible CoverI have been fascinated reading about the brothers and sisters of Jesus. In reading the background of their living situation it was probably a mud and brick house with a flat roof.  Jesus brothers were James, Simon, Juda and Joses.  The Bible talks about sisters, although they aren't named.  There could have been 7 children in that small house. Just imagine Jesus and his younger half brother sharing a room and playing together.  Just imagine Mary saying to James, when he got into mischief, "Why can't you be more like your brother, Jesus?"  Poor James,  how would it be to be compared to the "perfect"son of God?

Fast forward 30 years.  The siblings are all grown up and we see Jesus brothers taunting Him while they were together one day.  The Jewish Festival of Tabernacles was near and they said " Leave Galilee and go to Judea, so your diciples there may see the works that you do.  No one who wants to be a public figure acts in secret.  Since you are doing these things, show yourself to the world." 

It says in the word that His own brothers and sisters didn't believe him.  In fact they even told people, that their brother Jesus was crazy...out of his mind.  How do you suppose that made Jesus feel?  I know that He had to put his feelings aside,  because He was on a mission for His father!

I love the fact that after Jesus was crucified, his brothers and I'm sure his sisters became true believers, with James writing his own book to be included in the Bible.  Just imagine the dramatic change in James when he really accepted that the brother he grew up with and played with as a child, was really his half brother because Jesus is the Son of God!

Now today, we all need to have a revelation of our  Jesus, who says in His word that He is "closer than a brother!"  What a wonderful eternal truth to each and everyone us, that His love for us is so real.

When I think how very much I love my own brother, Pastor Ted it's amazing to think that Jesus loves me even more.  I used to have a game that I played with my grandson when he was little.  I would say, I love you to the moon, and he would say, I love you more, Grandma.  Then I would say I love you to the Sun, and of course, his reply, "I love you more!"

Jesus says, "I loved you to the cross and to Eternity.  My reply although inadequate is "I love you more!"  But of course it's impossible to love Jesus more than He loves me, because His love is divine!

But I do love all of you that I know, with as much love as is humanly possible!  And that's the truth!  Let's all love the Lord and each other with that overwhelming divine love that only comes from Papa God!