One More Mountain

Daily Bible CoverToday's reading marks the end of life for one of the greatest men of God to ever live. We've read about Moses for 46 days now and have experienced some challenging sections of scripture filled with miraculous, well-known events, along with pages of less studied God-given law and instructions for His people. We've seen a God of extreme justice, who offers little room for error as He guides the Israelites to the promised land. This journey has been fascinating, inspiring and at times, a bit daunting, overwhelming and hard to fully understand. But through it all, we have learned of the incredible detail of God and the promises His early covenant produced.

As Moses reflects, so should we. It's another opportunity, as we end the week, to remember what we've read as this portion of scripture comes to a close. Moses' life and one-on-one connection with God was one-of-a-kind, never to be seen again. And as he is brought to his final day, God allows him to see the road ahead. It will be filled with pain, struggle, war and disappointment but the promised land is right before him and he takes comfort in knowing his people's ultimate future.

There are times where I wish God would bring me up on the mountain and show me where the path ahead is leading. Trust in God, thanks to our human fallacy, can sometimes only take us so far. Our need to see, to experience and realize eventually consumes our ability to blindly trust. And we saw that again and again with the Israelites as they continually fell short in the midst of His presence.

So know this as we conclude and look forward: God rarely brings us to the top to look ahead. Moses' final moments were as unique as his calling. Instead, we will always have one more mountain to climb, one more corner to walk around and one more page to turn.

But what we do have is the promises, handed down from generations, that He knows the path ahead. He knows the plan. He works all things for His glory. And He is with us on the journey.

And that should be all we need until we arrive at our "promised land."