Parasites and Pearls

Daily Bible CoverRestoration is something every individual needs. The question is not "if" it happens but rather "when". Restoration is more than a moment. It's something God is constantly doing in our lives, bringing us into alignment with His purpose and His heart. The dictionary defines restoration as the action of returning something to it's former owner, place or condition. We were created by Him and for Him. We were made to be His and for Him to be ours. After the fall in Genesis 3, God has been taking action to restoring His people to Himself, to their rightful place, condition and owner.

In all of the Psalms we read today, there was a theme of desiring God's restoration and for Him to remember His promises. God hadn't forgotten the promises for His people, His desire has always been to restore them, but it wasn't gonna come by works. It wasn't gonna come by man's effort or power. RESTORATION COULD ONLY COME THROUGH JESUS. It's not that God had forgotten His promise, the fulfillment of His promise had always been centered around His Son coming to redeem all of mankind, to bring them back to their former place, condition and owner. Jesus was and is the only key to restoration. We will never reach a place of restoration without Him.

The promise of God is like a pearl. A pearl starts as a parasite or a grain of sand that has embedded itself inside an oyster. Over time the oyster releases this coating that encompasses the parasite/grain of sand. It's a painful process for the oyster but the longer it stays in it. the bigger and harder the pearl becomes. When we receive God's promises, I feel like God shows us what it will look like in a measure. The one who receives the promise can see the pearl the clearest. It's almost as if He shows us a rough photo of what He will do in us and through us. I know for me they are things that the Lord has shown me in great detail, things I still haven't seen but yet the promises of God are still in me, they are my greatest treasures and I feel like those pictures are the things I remind myself of the most. Right now it's easy to get discouraged when all we see is a parasite or a grain of sand. If we were to show off our promises to people they won't receive it as much because they'll just see the parasite and not the pearl. They'll just see where we are and not where the Lord showed us we will be.

Today God want's you to know that He has not forgotten. You haven't missed it. The thickest veil was torn by the price Jesus paid. There is no wall that can separate us from receiving restoration or stepping into the promises of God. God's greatest pearls come out of greatest difficulty and the ability to persevere and claim the identity that is yours. Before something is restored, it must be broken. God restores broken things more than things that "have it all together". He will not fail us! His promises remain. The more we trust in Him, the greater He will restore us and allow us to step into His promises.