Daily Bible CoverAs I was reading the roller-coaster account of David's dealings with his children, one thing stood out to me loud and clear!  HE DID NOTHING. When his son Amnon violated his sister Tamar,  it says that David was furious when he heard about it, but he said nothing to his son and he said nothing to Absalom.  And Absalom said nothing to his brother Amnon.  Instead anger and hate simmered.

And poor Tamar was desolate and alone in Absalom's home.  I wonder if David even said anything to comfort his beautiful daughter.  How could the end of all of their lives have changed if David punished his son Amnon for his awful deed.  What if he would have put his arm around his son Absalom and they wept together with Tamar.

Instead, David said nothing and when Absalom killed his brother and ran away he let him go and never contacted him.  When Joab finally got Absalom to come home, David wouldn't see him.

But when Absalom died, David cried so hard the soldiers, who had won a great battle for him, felt they they had let David down somehow because Absalom was dead.  Fortunately Joab wasn't afraid to tell it like it was and David pulled himself together for his army.

I'm sure in all of our families there are "What If's" but I believe God does not want us to lose the joy of our salvation.  Instead He promises He has His eye on our family members whatever their need.  And He will never stop pursuing them in answer to our prayers for them.

What a wonderful Father God we have.  But even He has trouble with his kids.  But He loves us so much, He will never stop pursuing us.   He cries with us in our troubles.  He tenderly watches over us in our hurts and heartaches.  And He will never leave us or forsake us.

Pastor Ted and I were so privileged to have the kind of father and mother.  He made it really easy for us to love our Heavenly Father, and realize how much He loves us.

I'm so happy to know our Papa God.  I hope all of you love and know Him and realize His tender love for you.