What do you see? Your perception effects all you do and say in life Like the prophet Jeremiah, it is easy to find "good reasons" why the Lord is asking the wrong guy for the job and the plans that he has. Like with Jeremiah, the Lord doesn't accept the excuses because He doesn't make mistakes. If he has called us to follow him, he has a plan and he has seen the beginning from the end. As with Jeremiah he promises to never leave us and to give us the words to say when we will need them.

The responsibility we have been given is enormous and the great commission that Christ gave his disciples is more than a nice thought, it a vision of purpose and action. Will we, as the followers of Christ, being his disciples choose to see ourselves as we should; as part of the plan God has for our lives and for his church? Our perception of who Jesus Christ is will determine our response when he calls us and it will be the guiding force behind our decision to follow him or follow the trail of excuses leading us away from him.

I hope you are challenged by this weeks message and that you will look for new opportunities step boldly into the plan and the calling that God has on your life. Your life has purpose and you are a vital part of the body of Christ. Everyone who is a follower of Christ has been given a unique set of talents, abilities, and spiritual gifts to help the "body" function as it should.

So here it is, the question to consider:

How do you perceive Jesus Christ? What are you going to do with him?

My Next Step Today Is:

1.  I will memorize Jeremiah 1:7-8

2.  I choose to begin seeing Jesus as my liberator and not AAA; letting it affect all that I do/say

3.  I desire to be used, and will look for new ways to be used, by him. I commit to getting ready.

4.  I will commit to inviting someone to come to church with me on Sunday.