Daily Bible CoverI am so excited about the reading today because I have experienced like so many of you, the Lord's strength backing up my puny efforts! Today the Angel of the Lord approached Gideon who was hiding in a winepress  threshing wheat to keep it from the Midianites.  He greeted Gideon, "The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valor!"

I looked up some other words for mighty and here they are;  Forceful, Powerful, Indomitable, Potent,(I love this one) Powerhouse,  Robust, Stalwart, Strong, Sturdy, Vigorous, Extraordinary, and Majestic!

Wow!  This is quite descriptive of someone hiding in a wine press.  And Gideon's reply "how can I save anybody when my clan is the weakest and I am the least in my father's house? And God says, "But I am with you!

For any of us, that's all we need to know.  I think back when God spoke to my heart that He wanted to use me to go out and continue to share the message that God gave my father,    Pastor Roland Buck.

My excuse was that " I don't speak,  I get lost driving around Boise, I can't even keep track of my purse, I bump into things and forget stuff.  And the kicker, my husband would never want to do something like that.

The only thing is, when I told my husband, the tears streamed down his face as he said, "God has already been dealing with my heart about this!"   And then I get the call for my first speaking engagement.  It was a huge International Conference in St. Louis.  And incredibly GOD WAS WITH ME!

And God is with you if He has asked you to do something, big or small.  He gives us everything we need to carry out anything He asks of us.  Just like God turned Gideon into a POWERHOUSE TO WIPE OUT THE MIDIANITES.  He will give each one of us that same power!

Another thing that blesses my heart so much in this true story it that God didn't get mad at Gideon for asking Him to respond to several fleeces that Gideon put forth.  God just answered both of his fleeces.

I would love to hear from some of you how God was with you in circumstances where you needed His presence.

Hallelujah, we can march forth in His presence in victory!