Praise Lifts You Up!

Daily Bible CoverIt is so exciting to me to share with you the portion of Scripture on April 9 that especially came alive to me.  I love music and I love worshiping the Lord and as I read how David after he finally was established as king, established regular worship. The Psalms he appointed Asaph and his associates to write  are incredibly beautiful.  As I was reading how David would encourage himself with praise and worship to God, I remembered a beautiful truth about praise that was given to my father during the early morning hours of March 18, 1979.

Gabriel, Chrioni, and a ministering angel named Cypron came to my Dad's home with the message from God that one of the desires of His heart is to teach His people the significance  of praise and worship.

The angels said, "We want you to join in worship with us," and my Dad was immediately given a language he had never spoken before.  For 35 minutes, Gabriel, Chrioni,Cyprion, and My dad praised and worshiped God together.  He said praise flowed through him like a "river language" which he couldn't start or stop himself!

As they were all worshipping and praising God together,  Dad opened his eyes and saw something he could hardly comprehend.

Chrioni is the tallest of the angels who were there that early Sunday morning, but when Dad looked at him, both he and Chrioni were exactly the same height!

Then he looked at Gabriel!  He was also the same height!  Cyprion also measured equally with the rest of them!  How could this be?  My dad looked down.  Gabriel's feet were about 4 inches off the floor!  Then he looked at Cyprion's feet and they were about eighteen inches off the floor, then he looked at his own feet, and to his utter amazement, they were also about 18 inches off the floor!  For the first time he realized that his body had been suspended in the air.

Gabriel gave him an extremely interesting bit of information at this time because he said that from the highest to the lowest of angels, to human beings, when we praise and worship God, we are all on the same level.  He told my  dad straight from God that worship is the best equalizer there is between heaven and earth,  and he said what was happening was an illustration of this great truth.  Wow!  I love this.

Several years later after I wrote my book, "The Man Who Talked With Angels", I was in Dallas, Texas at my book signing.  A gentleman came into the line and after I signed his book, he asked if he could meet me in the auditorium to tell me his story.

When we met, he told me he was a musician and song writer and that my dad's book had been an incredible blessing to him, especially the truths I just shared with you.  His five year old son who was the joy of he and his wife's life  became very ill.  Many people were praying for this child all over the country.

He said he sat by his son's bedside and was with him when he drew his last breath.  As he sat in overwhelming grief, my dad's words came to him about how praise lifts you up.  He handed me a cassette of the song he had just finished and said, "Sharon, I want you to be the first to have this song.

I took his song and was able to sing it all over the nation, including Alaska, Hawaii and Japan.  Everywhere I went this wonderful truth about worship and praise, blessed and lifted and encouraged people.

These are the words.  "I learned a little secret that you may already know.  It happens when we lift our hearts and let our praises flow.  Jesus knows that when you praise Him, when you lift Him up and raise Him, it does as much for you as it does for him and we get lifted up.  We get Lifted up, We get lifted up, we get lifted up when we praise the Lord.

I used to think my praise was only meant to serve the king.  But now I know there's so much more that praising Him can  bring.  Jesus knows that when we praise Him when we lift Him up and raise Him, it does as much for us as it does for Him and we get lifted up.

Friends, as you read these words and this song and the truth about praise,  I want to add one more thought, As we praise and worship our precious Jesus, we are lifted up above our problems, and our sorrows, and all we see is Jesus.  In His glorious presence He bathes our hearts with His healing balm.  He floods our hearts with supernatural joy and glory.

Isn't He Wonderful!

I love You.