Prophetically Speaking, Silence the Critics

How is God using you to bring God's presence into other peoples lives? God has sent us just as he sent his son, to impact others in any way that we can. (John 3:34) Have you ever wanted to move more in the supernatural? Pastor Teds sermon this week highlights and addresses questions like these in a very real and practical way. He reminds us that the world doesn't need any more critics but it sure could use more healers. Are you speaking healing prophetic words into the lives of those around you? (James 3, Psalm 19:14) A critical spirit will destroy any witness we might have. We have to make the decision now that this will not be the year of setting people straight but the year of pointing people toward Christ.

My Next Step Today Is:

I will memorize Psalms 119:13.

I will allow the Lord to use me to speak prophetically into the lives of people.

I will no longer speak critical words to the people whom God has placed around me.

I will try to invite at least one person to church this week.

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