Psalm 23

Daily Bible CoverToday’s reading is very simple, yet carries so much significance.  I know that many of us have read this passage and maybe some of you out there have even tattooed this over your arm. I haven’t necessary tattooed this on myself, but I have read it many times. It was not until recently that I felt so captivated by the first verse: The Lord is my shepherd, I have all that I need.

Every time I have read this I always skim through this part, I hurriedly read on to the next part, not letting verse one sink in. When I read it again just recently, I could not get past this portion:

The Lord is my shepherd, I will never be in need.

The beginning of this Psalm starts with declaring that the Lord is our guide.  The Lord is the one who leads.  A shepherd is one who takes care of a flock.  A shepherd is one who keeps away anything that would harm his beloved sheep. A shepherd is a covering, a place of protection.

The Lord is my shepherd, I have all that I need.

In the Lord, we lack nothing! We have every thing that we need in Christ Jesus! The really awesome thing is that we even have what we want! Wow! If we were to individually survey our lives we would not be able to deny the goodness of the Lord in and through our lives! He is ALL that you and I need!

The Lord is our protection, in Him we have found all that we need.