Raised To Life - A New Family

R2Lnewfamily This is the final week of our Raised to Life series. We finish with taking a look back at where it is we have come from and where it is that we have arrived. When we commit our lives to Christ, the life we are raised to brings us a new beginning, a new purpose, a new normal and because of that we are now part of a new family.

Raised to Life - A New Family

My Next Step Today:

1.  I will memorize John 13:34-35.

2.  This week, I’ll seek out those God’s leading me to show more grace toward and seek to bring unity.

3.  I will allow gratitude for things I have been raised from to spill over in a response of love for those in my “family”

4.  I’ll let John 13:34-35 be the guiding principle of my life this week, pointing the world to Christ by my love for others (Both in/out of my family)