"Rest" - Sue Carpenter

This week we had the honor of having pastor Sue Carpenter with us again. She preached a message that will challenge and inspire you for what lies ahead in 2012.  As we celebrated New Years Day we were encouraged and hopeful for what God is going to be doing in our lives in the coming 12 months.  Sue challenged us and reminded us that we will receive only from that which we value.  Are you valuing Christ and the relationship that you have with him? She also revealed what may be the most powerful weapon in our arsenal as Christians. So often we are limited in our human minds and stifle the spirits work in our minds by constantly go go going. so often we need to slow down and take some time to rest our bodies, minds and souls.

You do not want to miss this message. It has the potential to completely revolutionize what your 2012 could look like. But it starts when we shift from an earthly culture mentality to a Kingdom culture mentality.  Take time this week to listen and let us know how this has impacted your life, either her or on facebook.


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