See it, don't just see it...

Daily Bible CoverWhat are we speaking over the generations around us, what are we speaking over our children, over our youth, our parents, our elderly, our leaders, over our nation? I have heard it said time and time again that the generations of today, especially the youth, are the worst they’ve ever been. That over 80% of “christians” coming out of high school will leave the faith. That they have no desire for the things of God, no respect for the things of His Spirit, there is no hunger, no honor, no passion...That they are a lost cause, a stubborn generation whose hearts are grown too hard for the Word or Spirit of God to do anything good in them. These words normally come from critical, negative people (who are loved of God!) who might have experienced a great outpouring of God’s Spirit in the past and base their truths on what is VISIBLE and what they see in the NATURAL instead of the what’s INVISIBLE and what God is doing in the SUPERNATURAL.

Is God limited to what our minds think He can do? Is He limited to the things and patterns of what He’s done in the past? Is the God of the UNIVERSE stumped by the physical appearance of the way things are? Is he confused about how to reach the generations? Has he given up trying to reveal himself to a people who reject him?

As we have seen in creation. HE SPOKE and light came into existence. HE SPOKE and the stars and planets where put into place. HE SPOKE and the water and earth became separated from each other and mankind was created. If God’s Word is being spoken over us and HIS generations then WHAT IS TO STOP HIM? Statistics??? Psychology? There is no formula! God’s foolishness always trumps man’s wisdom!

The Word of God says in Genesis 35:16-18 that when Rachel was with child a second time, it came time for the birth and she had great difficulty. The difficulty was so great that she ended up dying after her son was born. During Rachel’s last few moments she named her son “Ben-Oni” which means “Son of my trouble”. This name would always point to the death of his mother. This name would have labeled him with the guilt and fault of something he had no control of. Every son of Israel’s was named by their mother, but Israel could not let this son be labeled with this blame, with this curse. Israel named him “Benjamin” which means “Son of my right hand”. This was an honorable title symbolizing favor and blessing! Israel saw that He need to speak IN FAITH over his son that he would be blessed even in the midst of this great horrible tragedy.

Take a look at “THE BIBLE” and tell me that this current generation is the worst this world has ever seen. There is nothing new under the sun. I’m not trying to prove a point in this blog. I simply believe we need to stop putting the blame upon people, leaders, children, youth and the elderly for the way things appear. God is calling his church not to bicker, quarrel or fight each other. Not to tear apart generations or other churches with words. Are we not apart of the same body? Are we not all needed in the kingdom of God? Is one body part more significant then another? Is one church greater then another? NO! WE ARE ALL THE SAME!! It’s amazing how your words can effect a generation. It’s even more amazing how GOD’S WORDS can effect a generation! 

Lord would you open our eyes this year to see what you see in your holy people. Let us not be moved by what we see in the natural. Let us proclaim upon the generations what you have desired them to be. A CHOSEN GENERATION, A ROYAL PRIESTHOOD, A HOLY NATION, A PEOPLE BELONGING TO GOD! That while we were yet sinners YOU CHOSE US. While we were in darkness you called us into light. Give us your heart to love your people. Amen!