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Daily Bible CoverThere must be a shift. A shift from “self” to “Savior”. A shift from man’s logic to God’s wisdom. A shift of focus from the physical to the spiritual. Is our hope in man’s strength, abilities, charisma or wisdom? Or is it in the unshakable, unchanging, undebatable, faithful God who was and is and is to come? There must be a shift. Mankind looks to creation more than to it’s creator. We often trust more in our money then in our Savior. One day confederate currency had worth and the next it was as useless as paper. For many of us, what was supposed to be secondary has became primary. What was supposed to be a tool has become our foundation. Whatever is primary in our lives consumes us and if that thing is taken away our joy, peace, hope and stability will go with it. Some trust in chariots and others in the size of their army but we will trust in the Lord! Was it just me or did you also notice a tremendous shift in David’s life and actions from yesterday to today? Yesterday we see David in 1 Chronicles 21 desiring to take a census of all of Israel. Letting him and all Israel know how powerful and prosperous they had become as a nation. By counting the people, David was actually honoring and giving glory to himself by trying to show how great Israel had become. Showing themselves how great their army was. This gave Israel pride in self and in their king. “Look at what our hands have given us! Is there any nation that can stand up against us? Thanks to king David we are unstoppable!”

Was it not the Lord that fought their battles for them? Was it not His favor that gave them success in everything they put their hands to? Who brought them out of Egypt? Who opened up the Red Sea so that they could walk on dry ground? Who fed them bread from heaven and led them in the desert by a cloud and pillar of fire? Who caused the walls of Jericho to fall and enabled them to possess the land He had promised them? Was it not the Lord? What credit can man take and what glory can he claim for himself? Israel’s greatest strength was found in becoming fully dependent upon God. Let’s face it they couldn’t accomplish anything apart from Him. Their hands gave them nothing, It was only because of God and by Him that their hands found success in everything they did. They forgot where there strength came from.

By taking a census David sins and God punishes Israel. This shows the weight of what was done. This shows how much God was displeased with this census. It was done out of pride and rebellion. In the same way Satan pridefully glorified himself above God, which resulted in Satan being thrown out of Heaven, he entices David to do the same.

David then comes to his senses and makes a shift. BAM! His focus changes. His direction changes. His praise goes from self to Savior. All of a sudden his desire changes from building and establishing “his kingdom” to building and establishing “God’s Kingdom”! His heart changes and starts preparing and getting everybody in their place. The Levites, the priests, the singers and musicians, The plans for the temple... He starts to devote his life and attention to arising the next generation, giving his son every chance to succeed ahead of him. Laying a foundation for his son to build upon! You look at all the singers and musicians and many would say, “That’s a little extreme, David.” “Do you really want to fill God’s temple with a bunch of lyres??”. But praise is what won their battles. Praise was the foundation to Israel's great strength. I love that it says “the young and old alike” where chosen to minister together in 1Chr 25:8. God’s vision for the church and our lives is bigger then 1 person, bigger then 1 generation, bigger then 1 culture! That every nation, every generation and tongue would bring praise, glory and honor to His name!! Why wait till heaven? Let His Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven!

There are a couple things we must learn from David.

  1. There must be a shift from ourselves, our strength, our logic and desires to God, a dependance on His’ strength, a trust in His’ logic and an embracing of His desires.(People will think you are extreme when you embrace His desires for your life. His desires are extreme and we wont truly live unless we are consumed with Him as the primary in our lives.)
  2. There must be a shift from living to establish our kingdom to establishing His Kingdom.
  3. We must ignite the generations around us. We must set them up to succeed and breathe life into them. A generation that is self-focused will miss out on it’s purpose.
  4. We must remember the things we did at first. The things that mattered. The things that we did that were and should still be our primary. These things must consume our thoughts, our actions and our desires.

Thank you Lord for your great mercy on our lives! Make a shift in our hearts today. Awaken the generations, call us to unity. We give you all the glory! Its all about You, its all from You and its all for You! Amen.