Should've asked for an iPad...

Daily Bible CoverHey Central, happy 2nd of January! Today God is speaking, He is moving, He is faithful, He is worthy of praise, He is seated on the throne. Today He is positioning you in alignment with His Holy Spirit! His word has POWER to save us and where His Spirit is THERE IS FREEDOM! What if God told you that in this moment He would give you whatever it is you asked for. What would you say? What would you desire? What is it right now that you would want above everything else?? It's not that I'm wanting you to think of God as a genie or as a means to get what you want... But seriously take a moment and begin to search your heart for the #1 thing you are asking Him for this year.

________________   [PAUSE and SEARCH YOUR HEART]   __________________

Today before I read, the Lord asked me this and the more I thought about it the more nervous I became thinking I didn't want to say something foolish. I didn't want to ask for something that would be out of selfish ambition or fleshly gain. My spirit spoke on my behalf and said, "Lord, I just want your face to shine on me, I just want you to be with me." My flesh was a little disappointed, thinkin' "Idiot, you should've asked for an ipad" but then I began to weep thinking "I don't want to go one more step into this year if His presence and His favor is not on my life!"

Cain and Abel had the same OPPORTUNITY to do something with what they had been given. The same CHANCE to bring the blessing, favor and approval of God upon their lives. God looks upon the hearts of His people. He knows your motives. You can't fool Him. You can't impress him with how many hours you pray, how many times a day you read the Bible, how much cash you've thrown into the offering, how much head knowledge you contain about who He is... The motive of your heart will always override the work of your hands. Mark 12:41-44 shows a poor widow and her two copper coins "out-giving" the loads of money that the rich were throwing into the offering, because she gave from her heart and gave everything she had.

Genesis 4:6 " Then the Lord said to Cain, 'Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast?If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.' " 

Today we are given the same OPPORTUNITY, the same CHANCE as Cain and Abel. Today, there is no one who is cut off from His presence because CHRIST has made a way for ALL men to have life and have it abundantly for those that would desire Him and ask for Him! You don't need to work for His love, He already loves you. You don't need to become "good enough" to have more of Him. Many Christians still struggle with this, but all God wants is your heart. Cain didn't receive God's acceptance because his heart was corrupt and he gave out of wrong intentions. Abel gave out of His love for God freely because God's love and affection was worth more to him then the most valuable thing he possessed. I am convinced that the only thing worth obtaining in this life is His Spirit! Seek first His KINGDOM and His RIGHTEOUSNESS and will he not take care of you? The more we give of ourselves, the more of Himself He will pour into us. The more we hunger and thirst after the things of God, the more we will be full of the things of God so that He can use us to do what he wants to bring His kingdom to this earth.

Lord, May your Spirit, Your Kingdom be the most valuable thing that our hearts would desire this year. EVERYTHING else is secondary! We ask that your face would shine upon us. Open our ears, our eyes, our hearts to the things of You. Let us become more aware of Your presence this year, so that you would be lifted up in our lives and draw all men to Yourself. To you be all the glory, all the praise and honor forever, Amen!