Sick and Twisted

Daily Bible CoverIf there is one thing that seems to stump the world, confuse the brilliant and dumbfound the elect it is GRACE. It’s the answer that brings up so many questions...How can He forgive me after what I did? Why would He still love me after seeing me return to my addiction day after day? Can He really set me free? Can He really make me new? These are questions that even solid christians have asked. Questions a dying broken world ask, who have maybe even heard about Jesus but don’t believe He can or would want to do anything with or for them. GRACE. Without it there is no reason for the cross. Without GRACE the “good news” would only be news, but for us it would be “old news” that doesn’t apply to us today. That is why Jesus is the cornerstone, that’s why He is STILL the answer for us today. Our Savior, our Center, or Healer and Deliverer for more than a moment because of the love that He has for His people, its all about His GRACE. Hezekiah finds himself on his death bed, sick and twisted. Many would say, “Well he deserves it! He may have started strong but it’s all about how you finish!” and there is truth to that for sure. In fact if we are talking about getting what we deserve then we all would be hopeless. Hezekiah is visted by the prophet Isaiah who tells him to put his house in order for he’s going to die and will not recover from this sickness. This was not the opinion or desire of Isaiah, these words came from God. Hezekiah, knowing this came from God, laid on his bed, turned his face to the wall and began to ask the Lord to remember all that he had done for the Lord. He wanted the Lord to remember all “good things” he had done in his life, as he wept bitterly. For some reason the lord showed him GRACE and allowed him and his kingdom to live in peace for 15 more years. Hezekiah recovers and after a while becomes prideful and unchanged so God’s wrath returns to him and the people. Seeing God’s wrath return, they all repent of their pride and wickedness and the Lord again shows them GRACE and spares them.

If there is any theme for today’s reading it would be un-deserved, un-merited GRACE. It’s the message of Jesus, the anthem of the cross, the good news of the Bible, that God still desires to give to ALL people!

The zeal of the Lord almighty will accomplish this! 2 Kings 19:31b

His zeal, His passion, His drive, the reason He does what He does and is what He because of His love for us that while we were still living in sin He died for us so that we may live with Him and He in us. We are all as King Hezekiah, but we don’t have to ask God to remember how good we are to obtain His GRACE. Our GRACE is given because of how good Jesus is. He is faithful and we should cling to every word that comes from Him, even if we find the enemy at our city gates speaking death over our lives and causing us to question His word and His will. He desires for us to be free! He desires for us to be healed! He desires for all to be loosed of their addictions!

And today we don’t have to turn our face to a wall, we can step boldly into the throne room of God and say “Because He is good, make me new, because You are Good!”

We thank you that today every blind eye will be opened, every deaf ear will hear, ever crippled person will arise and every chain will be broken by the power of Your blood. Let your grace come on all who are thirsty, all who are hungry and even to those who are defiant and living in rebellion, that they may know You. Let your Spirit awaken your church because of Your GRACE, the zeal of the Lord! Amen