Sigh Lance

Daily Bible CoverHave you ever entered into a season where you felt like the Lord was silent? Maybe its been a week since you've heard Him or a couple months or a year... I know a couple days without His voice drives me crazy but I cant imagine 400 years of silence where God isn't speaking through any of the prophets and nothing inspired by God is written down. Today we read a little synopsis about the apocryphal books which are not Scripture and said to be written around the time of the 400 years of silence. Some of it is historical about what is happening with the Jews while some of it is influenced by Persian mysticism and demonism. I'm not going to blog about the content in the writings for the #biblein365 summed them up for ya pretty decently. I feel like an important topic for the church is "Where is God in the silence?"

The truth is He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He doesn't change His mind. He doesn't give up and will be faithful to complete what He starts. He is our ever-present help in trouble... but wether we see Him or hear Him, He is good and worthy of praise. Whether we know what He's doin or not, we can lean upon His unshakable faithfulness. Matt. 7:7 says Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find, Knock and the door will be opened unto you. A.S.K. If we are not hearing Him it may be because we need to seek Him until we find Him. If we are not seeing Him it may be because we need to knock until the door is opened unto us. If we do not have, it may be because we are not asking. The goal of seeking, asking and knocking is not to obtain the things He gives us and His blessings... The goal is simply to be near Him. To obtain the closeness of our hearts to His. His presence needs to become the priority in our lives. We can be extremely close to Him and not hear Him. AND THAT'S GOOD! In that case hearing Him is secondary to being close to Him.

Seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness and all "these things" will be given to you.

The closer we get to Jesus, the more we will shine like Him and be like Him. Our righteousness doesn't grant us greater access to Jesus... The more we hang around Jesus the more righteous we will become.

I would rather be near Him and not hear Him, then to hear Him and not be near Him. In His presence He doesn't have to say anything and lives can be restored, hope can arise, blind eyes are opened.

Today let us just come to God not with the main agenda to receive answers but just to be close to Him. The closer we come to Him, the more are questions truly fade in the light of His glory and grace.