"Sin - John 11-12"

Sin can be a very seductive thing. We like to flirt with it, play with it, try it on but at the same time, we justify it just enough to distance ourselves from it. The instant gratification of sin is very intoxicating. Unfortunately, we are often blinded to the cost that sin in our life will demand from us. We begin to justify the things we do to make ourselves feel that we really are not that bad. Our heat tells our brain to go find some reasons why the option that we are facing is a good one. Unfortunately when we do this we begin to look less like Christ and more like his enemies in scripture–the Pharisees. In chapters 11 and 12 of the book of John, these Pharisees and chief priests give us a perfect illustration of what unchecked sin can do in our lives. In chapter 11, Chaiaphas (the chosen high priest that year) proposes that Jesus should be killed, because it would be better to kill one person than allow a whole nation to perish because of that one person. He allowed himself to justify his proposal of murder on the grounds that it was for the greater good of an entire nation. His justification for murder was that it was really for the betterment of the entire nation.

How many times have you told a lie and in order to keep it covered and viable you had to tell another one, and another one, and so on until you couldn’t keep track of what you were even lying about to begin with? What happens? When the house of cards crashes it causes our whole world to come crashing in around us. Sin will do the same thing lies will, (and yes I know lying is a sin), it will grow if we allow it to. It is like a plant–the more that we water our sin with more sin, the easier it becomes to accept it and to allow it to grow into something that, eventually, we will not be able to control. The Pharisees were allowing this process to take hold as they began to water their sin, which we will see in the very next chapter.

In chapter 12 we read about many people coming to Christ as a result of a specific miracle.  Because Christ raised Lazarus from the dead, many of the Jews were looking to Jesus as the Messiah. So with the end result of getting rid of Christ in mind, the chief priests decide that it would be beneficial for  Lazarus die as well.

The illustration here is that sin unchecked will grow into something bigger than you intended. Sin is never as simple as it seems and it will always grow, and quickly, if allowed to. Ask yourselves this; what sin in my life am I allowing to grow into potentially an uncontrollable state? What sin am I watering with my own personal justification? Is there sin that I have allowed to take over my life so completely that I have dismissed or ignored the damage it has done or will do to my family and friends, not to mention myself?

We need to treat our lives like gardens, taking time to uproot and weed out the sin that would threaten to overtake us, just as we do with weeds that threaten to overtake our produce. The Bible says that we are not to let the devil have a foothold in our lives and in order to do that we have to deal drastically with sin when it creeps in. To let sin remain unchecked is what gives him that foothold.

Take a moment right now to evaluate if you need to do some weeding in your life. If you can, get rid of all the distractions right now in your life and give this some serious thought–give it your all for the next five minutes. Let Christ know that you need His help and ask for the forgiveness that only He can give. Let Him come into your life and help you clean out the weeds of sin. It may mean that you need to call a friend and ask them to help you stay accountable.  The old adage “two hands are better than one” is true both in the physical sense of weeding your garden and in the spiritual sense of cutting out the sin in your life.

Final Thought: Sin will take you farther than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay and cost you more than you want to pay.