Daily Bible CoverWay, way back in the olden days when Alan and I were just pups, we watched a sitcom every week called "LAUGH IN!  Those of you 55 and up are saying, "Oh yes, we remember." As I was reading this week about Solomon and learned how his glory faded by marrying all those wives and then being influenced by them to worship their gods, it  made me sad for him and all that he lost.

Then God became angry with Solomon, the one He had visited twice.  It took me back to Laugh In where when somebody failed, or did something wrong the phrase "HERE COME DA JUDGE!" became kind of a cool phrase for that time.  But for Solomon it was no laughing matter.

Here comes the Judge, God, for one more visit to Solomon who told Solomon that his whole kingdom except Judah will be wrested from you because you have not followed my commandments and statutes, but this will not happen while you are living, because of my servant David.

God did however send three adversaries against Solomon, Rezon, Hadad, and Jeroboam.  It seemed like every time Solomon turned around, God used these men to "SOCK IT TO HIM!"  In those olden days, different people came through the show and the charge would be given,"Sock It To 'Em!,  and the balls would come flying from everywhere  as either payback, or revenge, or discipline for something they did.

An old prophet named Abijah, whose name means "My Father Is The Lord," and was one who remained faithful to God, and his prophecies came true.  The bibical image of the divinely intended functions of Davidic kings in the midst of pagan darkness was to be a "lamp" to the nations, in anticipation of the Coming One, Who is the Light of the World.  John 1:1-9 and 15:4.

Now we don't have to worry about  having Da Judge, sock it to us as we seek to stay close to Jesus and let our lights so shine before men, so that everyone knows Who we belong to.

I'm also glad though, that if we stray away or get cold in our spirits, the our Advocate loves us so much that He will send the Holy Spirit to "Sock it to Us" to wake us up and draw us back into His embrace.