Sue Carpenter – “HOPE”

Childrens Pastor/Missionary Sue Carpenter was our honored guest for the last Sunday of the year this year. She shared with us a message of Hope (the joyful expectation of Good) and inspired us for the things that God has in store for us in 2011.  If you have never heard Pastor Sue speak you are in for a real blessing. You don't want to miss this message. Hope is a powerful thing that we are all drawn to it. People who give Hope have the most influence. We all desire it. We crave it, and want it, and we instinctively follow it. But who is it that we are looking to for hope? Believe it or not there is true hope in this world and Sue brings a message that will inspire you as you have never been inspired before.Take a few minutes today to laugh, and be inspired by God through Sue's message for us and the new year. You will be glad that you did.