Sun Stand Still - Part 1

What will happen in the next four weeks when you dare to ask God for the impossible? Dreams will be realized....  Lives will be transformed....    The world is changed....    and THE IMPOSSIBLE HAPPENS

This week Pastor Ted started a new series titled Sun Stand Still. Joahua had the guts and the faith to ask God to do something impossible in his situation and a prayer that was only 18 words long was answered that day.  Joshua asked God to let the sun stand still so that the battle could be won before the darkness of night came. It stopped in the sky and stood still for an entire day so that he and the rest of the Israelite army could continue the battle and defeat the Gibeonites that day. The crazy thing is that Joshua didn't even get the prayer right, the sun never stopped moving but the earth did. The earth is what revolves around the sun, but God did not care that Joshua got his words wrong. He answered the heart of the prayer that was prayed that day.

Have you ever had the audacity or the courage to pray a Sun Stand Still Prayer? Is it possible for the impossible to happen in your life with the battles that you are facing? I believe that it is and that our God is the God who answers prayer. Join us for the next four weeks as we explore this and so much more, as out God wants to do the impossible in our lives. With God nothing is ever impossible.

My Next Step Today Is: - I will memorize Joshua 10:14. - I will begin thinking about the impossible thing or things that I need God to do in my life. - I will prepare my heart for whatever seemingly impossible thing God wants to do through my life. - I will invite someone to come next Sunday to Sun Stand Still.

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