Sun Stand Still pt. 3

This is the third week in a four week series looking at what can happen when we expect the impossible.  Pastor Ted builds upon the previous weeks lessons as he encourages us to quiet the voices that would tell us "why bother". So often we take ourselves out of the game because we listen to the world around us and follow in the wisdom and advice that they give. Instead we need to be selective in who we are listening to, and realize that if out God can make the sun stand still that he can surly act on our behalf in our situation.  Listen this week and be encouraged in your faith and in your journey to follow and live for Christ.

My Next Step Today Is:

-  I will memorize Mark 5:36

-  I will not let the voices of "why bother" keep me from stepping out in faith.

-  I will be selective in my hearing in the fight of faith.

-  I will invite someone to come next Sunday to Sun Stand Still.

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