The 12th Man

This week Pastor Ted finished up his "12th Man" series, working through the 12th chapter of Romans, and unpacking what our lives, as followers of Christ, should look like. Are we fully trusting God in all we do and say? Do we believe Gods Word to be true, and that what we are called to be in this chapter is not something intended to be optional? Join us on this final leg of an incredible journey through one of the greatest chapters about the life of a Christian in all of the Bible. And if you missed any of the other 6 sermons in this series, you can check them out by clicking on the links posted below.

The 12th Man

Week 1 -  Offering

Week 2 -  Molded

Week 3 -  Humble

Week 4 -  Body

Week 5 -  Genuine Love

Week 6 - Evil Hater