The Case of the Missing Jawbone

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY--I'm not a couch potato, I am the couch Something occurred to me recently, I have become a safe person to hug or even bump into. It's true, things have changed since when I was first married. It was then that it was obvious that my skin was stretched over a skeleton. Evidence could be found at various points on my body where my skeleton was close to the surface.

If my wife gave me a hug, she had to be careful of my hip bones. If she rubbed her hands over my shoulders my bones could easlily be detected. There is something else.

I used to have a nicely defined jaw bone. It could clearly be detected as one would look at my face. But now all of this has changed. I have become like a human overstuffed couch. No danger here. There's ample padding. My skeleton has been concealed. My jaw seems to ever so subtly blend in with my upper neck. You can only guess where the jawbone might be hiding. I want my jawbone back. I want a degree of bony-ness back. I want you to have to be careful when you hug me.

Part of the solution to a problem is dissatisfaction with where you are. Okay, I'm dissatisfied with being a well upholstered individual. Keep tuning in and we'll continue with, THE CASE OF THE MISSING JAWBONE.