The Christian Atheist - Are You Who You Say You Are?

I believe that there is a little bit of Christian Atheist in all of us. It is the selfish sinful nature of humanity that rears its head causing us to say that we believe in God but live our lives or make decisions that convey a message that we don't believe he exists. The Christian Atheist is someone who is quick to say that they believe but live as the world does, speak as the world does, and act like the world does This is the first week in a two week series taking an introspective look at who we are compared to who we say we are as Christians. Because culturally speaking in America most non Christians see us as hypocrites (whether that is deserved or not that is the impression of Christians) and see no reason to have anything to do with the faith that we claim because there is no real life transformation being exemplified. God created us to be living examples to a hurting world.

Our Christianity is not something that we do it is who we are. When we turn our faith into something that we do i.e. making it a task, or we turn it into our hobby that occupies some time on the weekend and a few hours during the week we have completely missed the point.

Take some time this week to ask God to reveal areas that you have compromised on and let the Christian Atheist inside you lead the way instead of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Seriously consider the question "Are You Who You Say You Are?

Are You Who You Say You Are?

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