I'm sure all of us have dreams that we would love to accomplish on our journey through life.  God knows right where we are  as we dream.  Sometimes it happens right away, and sometimes God says "Wait until later." We can count on Him guiding us every step of the way.  David's big dream was to build a beautiful sanctuary for His Father.  But God said, "I want you to build a house for you, and it will go on forever."  He went on to say that David's son would build a house for God.

I remember years ago, God spoke to my heart one day and told me that He wanted me to do a television show.  I just kept this in my heart but He opened the door to a secular radio station in Ontario, Oregon to do a five minute spot.

I remember I was on my way to visit my friend, Wanda Lehmkuhl, and the Lord dropped the name of the radio station that I had never heard of into my heart and very clearly spoke to me that "I was to share this with Wanda and He would do the rest."  He also at that time said "I want you to be on television one day.

I arrived at Wanda's house and  when she opened the door, I yelled, "Wanda, you won't believe what the Lord said to me on the way over here!"  Wanda said, "Sharon you won't believe what the Lord spoke to my heart to day!"

I said, "You go first!"  Wanda said, "The Lord put on my heart that He wants us to do a radio program on..and she named the radio station who's name I had never heard until that moment.  I nearly came unglued as I told her the Lord had told me the same thing!

We dropped in at the radio station that day, and the station manager was really interested in a five minute spot.  Someone had just quit and left that vacancy.  He had us make a demo tape, which we had no clue how to do.  But our two husbands, John and Alan had the technical knowhow to help us.  We took it back to the station and the station manager really liked it.  We called it "Share The Spirit" and for the next few years it played in Ontario and also on a radio station in Boise.

John had become acquainted with many many people in the area of sound and helping them with problems.  One of the people he met was Ron Stout, the manager of Channel 18 in Nampa.  He was there the day Ron's talk show host decided to call it quits.  Ron asked, "Do you know anybody"......and the rest is 8 years of history.

God is the author of our dreams and He will help them come to pass in His wonderful timing.  David's dream was so much bigger than anyone of us could imagine.  His family produced the line for the salvation of us all.  We are the recipients of the dream God had for all humanity.  That everyone of us would become part of His great family.  And He will pursue that dream until everyone He has dreamed of and pursued, and if they respond, is safely in the great family of God.

I shared my little story with you in this blog as a faithbuilder.  Just as God's dream to see John Slaughter as  part of His family, He has heaven's hosts working on all the loved ones we are praying for.  Hallelujah.  The Great Dream Maker will bring it to pass in the fullness of time for  His Glory!