The Eagle Eye

Daily Bible CoverAs I was reading in the Proverbs today I was struck by chapter 5 verse 21. Proverbs 5:21    (NIV)

21 For your ways are in full view of the Lord, and he examines all your paths.

For those of you who have known me for a while you have noticed that I like to examine a passage in several translations.  Each translation, without changing the meaning of the text, offers insights as to what the text would say to us.

The New Living Translation says the same thing this way.

Proverbs 5:21    (NLT)

21 For the Lord sees clearly what a man does, examining every path he takes.

Years ago I heard a story about a little boy who had gone to church with his parents one Sunday morning.  On the way home from church his dad noticed the boy was unusually quiet.  This unusual quietness continued into their lunchtime.  After lunch the dad felt that he needed to find out what was going on with his young son.  He asked the boy, “Are you okay, you seem so quiet?”  His boy said to him, “Dad, at church today my teacher told us that God is always watching us.  Is that really true?”  Evidently the young boy wanted to be able to get away with a few things like the cookie jar, when mom had said no, or go to a particular place when his dad had told him to stay away from and you fill in the blank for the rest of the things that he had hoped would go unnoticed.

The dad, realizing that this was a wonderful opportunity for his son to learn an important lesson about God’s love, told him, “Son, your teacher was right.  God always has His eyes on you.”  The boy’s shoulders slumped a little bit as he realized he could never be outside of God’s gaze.  And then his dad said, “And do you know why He’s always watching you?”  His son replied, “No, I don’t.”  It was then that his dad brought a truth into his son’s life that all of us need to be aware of.  The dad said, “God is always watching you because He loves you so much that He can’t take His eyes off of you.”

I love that story.  I love that truth.  It opens our eyes to the full truth of this verse.  Yes, our ways are in full view of the Lord and He watches everything we do.  Yes, that should cause us to be wise about what we do.  Remember the child’s song we used to sing when we were little.

Oh, be careful little eyes what you see.  Oh be careful little eyes what you see.  For the Father up above, He is looking down in love, oh be careful little eyes what you see.  The song went on to talk about being careful about our little feet and where they would go, and about our ears and what they would hear, and our mouth and what it would say, and our hands and what they would do, all because our Father in Heaven can’t keep His eyes off us.

This verse makes us aware that what we do, be it good or bad, selfish or generous, moral or immoral, godly or worldly, He sees and is aware of it all.  Yes, that verse can help us to feel accountable to God for everything we do.  It can remind us that we can hide nothing from God so we might as well not even try.  But for today what I am going to focus on and what I would invite you to focus on with me is this simple truth.Cross references:

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God loves you and me so much that He can’t even for a minute, take His eyes off of us.

Be blessed today and know that your Heavenly Father is looking down in love.