The New Normal part 1

What is normal? Do we even know anymore?  Normal is up for grabs and our culture has trying to hi-jack and redefine what normal is for some time but this fall it especially "normal" if front and center with the premiere of the new show on NBC, "The New Normal" The new series that started this week takes a look at "normal" as we begin to unpack some of the things that are being redefined in our culture. We will see that as Christians, "the new normal" is really just the "old Normal". Nothing has changed.

This week Marriage and Divorce is unpacked as we strive to see what God says about our marriage relationships, and what he says is normal.  Divorce was never a part of God's plan within the covenant relationship of marriage. The problem today is that the covenant of marriage is no longer really seen in terms of "covenant" and there is a generation of collateral damage that is left in the wake of a culture that has bought into the lie that God's ultimate desire for us is to be happy instead of committed.

There is a slow fade among children of divorce as they begin to see the fabric of their reality torn to pieces. They begin to question who they are. If they came into being, because mom and dad became one, are they undone in their separating?

Please do not pass up on listening to this powerful message this week. It will challenge and stretch you; and be sure to stick with us during this series as we begin to look at what God's normal is. Even though the topics may seem to be ones you have heard before, you will be challenged to see them in an entirely new light.

The New Normal pt. 1