The Truth Project - week 12: COMMUNITY & INVOLVEMENT, God Cares, Do I?


1.  In Luke 10:29 we are told that the teacher of the law who questioned Jesus about the way to inherit eternal life was driven by a desire to "justify himself." What does this mean, and how does it provide the motivation for his second question: "Who is my neighbor?" How do we seek to "justify ourselves?"

2.  Did Jesus answer the lawyer's question? If so, how?

3.  How does the sphere of Community differ in structure from the other social spheres we've examined? How does this difference constitute a special challenge for us as God's people?

4.  Name some of the ways in which Christianity has changed the world (according to author Alvin Schmidt). What has motivated believers to become agents of change in these areas? How do their actions differ in tone and spirit from the works of pragmatic philanthropy?

5.  "You can be a risk-taker without being a world changer," says Dr. Tackett, "but you cannot be a world-changer without being a risk-taker." How is this principle illustrated in the life of William Willberforce? How can you and I step out and take greater risks for the advancement of God's kingdom in our own cultural context? How can we engage in the battle in a more active way?

6.  Since this is our final tour, do you have any closing comments about the last 12 weeks we have had together and the ground that we have covered? Has the Lord begun any transformational work in your life since we began back in September? If so, how?