The Truth Project - week 2: PHILOSOPHY and ETHICS

So here we go, we are starting to really dive into the depths of what makes up our worldview. This week we looked at Philosophy and Ethics.  There is a lot that could be discussed here about this topic and we had some good discussion to end class last Wednesday but I wanted to get some of your thoughts on the differences between ethics and morals.

I have posted a few questions below for you to consider just as I did last week. You are welcome to field one of them, all of them or part of some of them.  I would also encourage you to ask some of your own questions. The purpose of this forum is to work through what we are learning and hopefully gaze on the face of God as we never have before. I look forward to the conversation. ( I would love to hear your thoughts on questions 4 and 6 since we did not get much time on Wednesday night to unpack these a little further)

1. Why are so many people - even those who argue adamantly for the "cosmic cube" perspective - so obviously uncomfortable with life "inside the box"? How do they attempt to deal with this difficulty?

2. What do we mean by universals and particulars? How are they related? What bearing do they have on our quest for answers to the "Big Questions" of life?

3.  Dr. Tackett asserts, "You won't find the answers to the Big Questions inside the box." Why not?

4.  What, according to R.C. Sproul, is the distinction between morality and ethics? How has confusion on this point precipitated a crisis in ethics in the modern world?

5.  How does the biblical worldview stand opposed to the "cosmic cube" worldview?

6.  Is it possible for a Christian to be deceived and "taken captive" by the empty philosophies of the world? If you have been deceived, how do you know? How?