The Ultimate Makeover! - Pastor Sharon Rose Buck White

Women love makeovers and so many of us love to watch “What Not To Wear”. Then some of us will admit to watching “The Swan”. We also like to watch the incredible transformations on “The Biggest Loser.” I really think it should be renamed, “The Biggest Winner.” When I went to Northwest College, I saw so many women who had been taught to believe it was wrong to wear makeup or pluck and shape eyebrows. Also included in that old time belief was long hair and no jewelry.

The way my father raised me is that God is more interested in our hearts than outward appearance. I felt I had a mission to pluck all the unibrows and show the girls how to look the very best that they could.

My first experiment was on a darling girl with thick black rimmed glasses, a unibrow and long thick unstyled black hair. At four foot 11 all you could see was her hair and her glasses. She didn’t feel pretty so she kept her head down and was very quiet and shy. She had not been asked on a date as a result of keeping to herself.

She had a heart shaped face and when she took her glasses off, her eyes were huge luminous violet blue. I asked her if I could fix her up including doing her eyebrows. “I want the guys in this school to see how beautiful you are on the outside as well as how sweet you are on the inside.” With a deep breath she said “Ok, I guess.”

I literally sat on her to pluck and shape her overwhelming dark thick brows. A sign appeared on my door put up by one of the girls, “Painless Extractions by Roni” . When I finished her brows, I put a little eye shadow on to enhance those beautiful eyes. I added mascara to long dark curly lashes to die for. With a little blush and a little lipstick, she looked like a small Elizabeth Taylor.

I styled hair up on her head and then let all the girls came with clothes to dress her up, high heels and all. With a little jewelry added to her cute modern outfit, I let her see herself for the first time. “Is that really me”, she exclaimed. “I can’t believe it!” I really do look pretty!” I told her to keep her glasses off and I would lead her around so the guys could see what they were missing. I had to chuckle as guys who had never noticed her before came to talk to her.

A lot of guys were drooling over her, but wisely she picked on of the nicest of the group for her first date. The next week, she made an appointment with an eye doctor to get contacts. We became great friends that year but sadly I lost her my friend for the next year. She married the young man that took her on her first date and she didn’t come back the next year. She has a wonderful marriage. This story had a fairytale ending.

Well it was Friday night, and I sadly didn’t have a date. So I had a brilliant idea for another makeover. Carman was dating Gary, but nothing serious yet. She told me there was a guy she would love to meet, George, who was a friend of mine. Ding…I said,

“Carman, would you let me give you a makeover, eyebrows, makeup, hair changed and clothes? I’ll then introduce you as a friend of mine that came to visit me from California.”

She laughed, “Let’s do it!” So I plucked, shaped, groomed, eye-shadowed mascered, blushed and lipsticked. Carman had beautiful green eyes and long lashes that I had never noticed before. I styled her hair up and then the girls in the dorm found an updated dressy outfit with matching earrings, necklace and high heels.

Carmen was transformed to a point, where a couple of the girls who knew her stopped by to say hi to me and I introduced her as my friend visiting from California and they did not recognize her. Another friend came by that lived right next door to Carman and I introduced her….she did a double take and I told her I was going to introduce her to my friend George. As we walked into the lobby with the Sharon, the girl who was her next door neighbor suddenly started running around in circles and laughing.

I got her to stop laughing so I could tell her what we were doing and she said she would go along with it. As I got closer to all the guys and gals hanging out in the lobby, Gary, one of George’s best friends, spotted Carmen and ran over to me and got behind her and mouthed “Introduce me, Introduce me.”

I said “I’d like you to meet my friend April who’s visiting me from California. He

was so smooth as he flirted and talked to “April”, that Sharon started laughing again. I poked her to get her to stop. Then George, the object of all this came strolling over and asked me to introduce her to him. We hung out for quite a while. Carman disguised her voice to talk with all the guys surrounding her. Finally Gary, the guy she had been dating came walking in and I introduced her to him. Gary talked to her a moment, and then walked over to me and said, with a humph, “I like her better the way she was!” and went back to his room. He clearly didn’t like all the attention she was getting from all the guys.

When I finally told the guys the next day, who “April “ really was, they were a little bit mad at me because they thought I made them make fools of themselves. They got over it and we all had a great laugh.

This made me remember the greatest makeover in History…In eternity.

The first great makeover was done on Jacob in the Old Testament Genesis 32:4-30. He wrestled all night with a man and when it was over God changed his name to Israel, or “God Wrestler”. Where Jacob had been deceiver, God transformed him into a warrior.

To bring this into the 21st century. The Bible states all the way through, the Old and New Testament when we accept Christ into our lives as men or women, He makes us brand new. Hebrews 8:12 says, in the Message Bible, “They’ll get to know me by being kindly forgiven, with the slate of their sins forever wiped clean. You are complete restored to your original state of innocence just as if you had never sinned. Your sins are gone, vanished, zilch! Wow, what a Savior!

2 Cor 5:17 Therefor if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. The old is gone, the new has come! Praise the Lord!