Daily Bible CoverThis reading for the 10th of December really blessed my heart, especially reading about Paul in action.  I can just imagine him following what he felt Christ directing him to do with such "intentional" purpose as he strode through life.  There was no looking back for him. So he was speaking on the Lords day and the primary purpose it says in my commentary was celebrating the Lord's Supper together.  It describes the upper room where Paul was speaking as hot and stuffy, with many lamps flickering in the darkness of the evening.

I chuckled reading that Paul was going on and on and possibly add another "on and on."  I'm sure Eutychus as a young deciple was like a lot of our young people here at the church. Following Paul where ever he went and excited not to miss a word that Paul spoke.  He was drinking in the truths Paul was sharing, literally drinking it in to make it part of his spirit.

But it was too much for him as he sat at the window  of that third story building, and he fell sound asleep and toppled out and fell to the ground.  When the people rushed out of the building and picked him up, he was dead!  Just imagine the horror of people after listening to such faith building truths to have this occur.

Paul went down and stretched himself on him hugged him hard, it says in the Message Bible, in this Bible it says  he threw himself on the young man and put his arms around him.  "No more crying", he said.  There's life in him yet!

Then Paul got up and served the Master's supper and went on telling stories of the faith until dawn!  On that note they left, Paul going one way, the congregation another, leading the boy off alive and full of life themselves.

The thing that blessed me so much about this story, is the phrase, "There's life in him yet!"  Even though they thought he was dead, Paul, in his spirit knew there was life.  And I think of all of us, we might even feel inside just a as dead and lifeless in our spirits as a doornail, but God says, "There is life in this person yet!

It reminds me of the verse in isaiah 42, "He won't brush aside the bruised and hurt, He won't disregard the small and insignificant, but he'll steadily and firmly set things right.  He won't tire out and quit.  He won't be stopped until he's finished his work--to set things right on the earth."  The GOD WHO MAKE US ALIVE WITH HIS OWN LIFE, the God who created the cosmos, stretched out the skies, laid out the earth and all that grows from it, who breathes life into earth's people makes them alive with his own life!

What a terrific truth, that our God continues to make us alive with His own life, because he cares so much for us.  In another version, it talks about the fact that he breaths on the smoking flax...He does not want our lights to go out.  He's is counting on us, and giving us what we need for any job He gives us to do.  He says, " I have taken responsibility for you, kept you safe.  I have set you among my people to bind them to me and provided you as a light house to the nations to make a start at bringing people into the open into light!

I have experienced the breath of God in my own heart and life as I have been working on my Bible Study, "Fresh Fire From The Father's Heart.  I want to invite you to sign up for this study which begins Tuesday, at 10.00 on January 14.  We'll start signing up for it next week.  If there is enough interest, we will offer it for guys and gals on Mondays, from 6:30 to 8:30.

If you are interested, you can let me know now.  Fresh Fire Binders will be available to buy for $10.00. Fresh Fire ignites the eternal truths straight from the heart of the Father, brought by special heavenly messenger to my father.  My brother, Pastor Ted, and my mom, Pastor Charm and many of you had the privilege to hear these truths.

It's a whole new generation and a whole new time, but the breath of God is on these eternal truths, and I felt strongly for several years that I needed to share this study.  And so with the purpose in my heart that only God can give, I am putting this study together.  It's full of joy and laughter and tears.  It will encourage you and build you up.  You won't come out of this time in His presence, the same as when you began.

I can't wait to have you join me on this 10 week journey of joy and life.