Daily Bible CoverWe spend too much time's never enough. There's always something we're missing. Too much time lookin' for that next high, seekin' the thrill ride from the roller coaster we call life which seemingly plummets to humanities demise leaving us questioning the very existence of purpose. I'm talking about our rhyme, the reason we're living, movin’ and breathing... is there more to life then the pursuit of comfort, pleasure and the journey of self-seekin’? It's not something we've chosen as much as something we’ve been born with. Like a cow that can’t change its spots, we’ve been marked by this curse since the moment of our birth. The day to day mandate that we've been branded with, which forces mankind to join its regiment of soldiers commissioned to sit upon thrones instead of to fight in war zones. It rearranges the alphabet and puts "U" and "I" at the front of the line desiring the universe to drop to it's knees in adoration, summoning nations and kingdoms to take part in the glorification of our self-appointed royalty. But it’s never enough. There will soon come a day when our hands will not give us what we desire. It’s the itch we’ll never silence, the pit we’ll never fill, the thirst that will never be quenched. Every drop of self-gratification that oozes its way onto the tongues of men will burn within them the desire for something more, something lasting and for something else they haven’t yet tasted. We drink poison and expect a remedy. We give our children rattlesnakes and expect immortality. No matter how hard we choose to cover our eyes and hide the scars we must conclude that this world has nothing for us. We can’t lie to ourselves as we lay upon our bed of nails telling the masses we’ve found rest in our pursuit of happiness. It’s never enough. There's got to be more to life then this. Like the woman at the well we show up day after day lowering our buckets of “want” into a dry, empty well which the world forces us to draw from. Like the woman at the well we go from “man” to “man” searching for Mr. right but finding Mr. abuse and his twin brothers "despair" and “manipulation”. All of the paths our feet have chosen to tread upon have left us desperate, thirsty and stuck in frustration that there is no escape, no remedy no cure for the nations. But there is One, the ONLY ONE who stands at the door, calling His sons and His daughters out of their prisons of condemnation into an Ocean of Love whose depths still have yet to be explored. Calling them out of the darkest dungeons of hopelessness and brokenness, that they may step into His Kingdom of wholeness, healing and restoration. He holds out His hand to the orphan saying “Never will I leave you, nor will I abandon you”. To the thirsty souls He offers His cup with an eternal proclamation: “Whoever drinks of my water will never thirst again”. He gives purpose to the ordinary. He gives taste to the bland and color to the palest circumstances. The Hope of the world, the Light of mankind. He is the Healer of the broken. He is the Redeemer of the accused and the only Key to those trapped in captivity. His name is Jesus and in Him is LIFE. Not a life but the ONLY LIFE. His name is Jesus and because of Him we can replace our buckets of “want” with a never-ending river called “Fulfilled” whose water will never run dry. Our mandate we’ve been branded with becomes erased by the Blood of the Lamb, forever marking us as a people forgiven, holy and chosen. It silences all accusations with the nails of the cross, whose wood formed our bridge to freedom: our peace at His cost. Never again shall we hunger or thirst. Never again shall we crave or search for in HIM is ALL that our hearts have cried out for! He is our reason, our hope, our present and future reward. Today’s blog was different haha but the message is that JESUS is what are hearts are searching for. Just like the disciples who dropped everything once they encountered Him. Just like the woman at the well who was “thirsty” and looking for love in all the wrong places...  Jesus shows up as the 7th man (the complete and final person she was looking for) and offers her everlasting life (an eternal drink), something the world could never give her. JESUS is the doorway to purpose...the only way to discover ours is to pursue Him. Just when we thought our “Party” is dying and all the “best wine” our “better days” are behind us... Jesus shows up at our “party” and blows us away with the something better than we can ever hope for or imagine.

Jesus, we ask that you would pour out your love today upon your people! Awaken hope, restore joy and let your purpose come to life in us today. Fill ever thirsty heart, restore every broken home, heal every desperate marriage, call back your sons and your daughters to your loving embrace. In you is the fullness of life and let that life be poured out upon your people today. Amen!