Transition Ahead: Show Extreme Caution

This week Pastor Ted’s message explored what we do when we are facing times of transition. Transition is something that we face many times in life. We have transitions when we move, when we have children, when we get married, find a new job, loose a job that we thought was good, when a loved one dies, in graduations, promotions, and demotions, and the list could go on and on. Transitions something that everyone must go through at various points in their lives but how we go through transition is something that we need to take seriously. During a time of transition there are three things that we need to do and Pastor Ted outlines each of these more specifically.  First of all we need to keep on doing the right thing. (Gal. 6:9)  Just because we may be going through a tough transition or one that messing with our regular routine does not give us the right to start doing what we please or making excuses for wrong choices and poor behavior. We need to keep doing what is right.

Secondly we need to be impressed by God and aware of Satan, instead of having it the other way around where we are impressed by Satan and aware of God.  Many times we put all of our focus on Satan and worry about what he is doing and allow ourselves to be impressed with his capability while letting God live on the peripheral of our lives and minds. It needs to be the other way around. There are only three forces in this world: God, Satan, and Human Nature. (James 4:7)

Third we cannot allow ourselves to be isolated.  Just as we see on the Discovery Channel, when a lion attacks they try to separate a lone victim from the herd. Satan is more than happy to do the same so when we face transition in our lives we need to resist the temptation to separate our selves from the church and from God’s word. By an act of our own will, we need to push in closer to God in the midst of Transition. (Romans 8:28)

No mater the cause or reason of the transition that we are facing remembering these three things will not only make the transition easier but could make the transitions of our lives, moments where we are drawn closer to God  and we have our faith encouraged.