Triple Cheeseburger with a side of Peace

Daily Bible CoverAND HE WILL BE THEIR PEACE. Micah 5:5 Today I was reading and this simple sentence simply stunned me. If there is one thing this world is looking for it is peace. Ironically some people will kill for peace, they'll steal for peace, they'll lie, they'll cheat and stop at nothing till they get peace....(It's kinda of weirdly put, but yet quite true). The 1st sentence of this blog leaves no strings attached. The peace that is given is not rooted in materials, it's not founded in gifts or blessings. To take this verse at its PERFECT interpretation: Jesus is our Peace!

To say that Jesus is our peace is to say that we will never be at peace until we find Him. If we've found peace in material possessions, temporary pleasures, or even heavenly blessings....that peace is false in comparison to the actual, real and infinitive peace that we can only find in Jesus.

Jesus is the one Micah is prophesying of for he says he would come out of Bethlehem as the ruler of Israel...She (mary) will give birth and he (Jesus) will stand and shepherd his flock in the strength of the Lord and in the majesty of His name. And they will live securely and his greatness will reach to the ends of the earth and He will be there peace!

If Jesus is with you then you will have peace. It's the image of the disciples amidst a deadly storm while Jesus lays asleep at the bottom of the boat. I am convinced of the peace of God and I desire the peace of God stronger in my life. That He has gone before us and is the one who holds us together. HE IS OUR PEACE no matter how perilous the storm.

Today we need not to look for supplements, we need only look to our Savior. We don't need to desire temporary solutions when we've got the eternal answer. Jesus is our hope and Jesus is our peace for He is with us and He is for us, Amen!