True Friends are aTreasure!

Daily Bible CoverI am so thankful for the wonderful friends I have at Central, some for many, many, many years. OOPS, they may not want to acknowledge that many, cause it ages us all!  I'm thinking about this because my friend, Fran Edmonds knows that I need to exercise because of my heart surgery. She has encouraged me by going with me walking, riding the different machines at the YMCA and then today the ultimate.  Going with me to try Zumba Gold, an aerobic group  exercise.  We are still chuckling at the mental picture of this adventure.

One thing impressed us so much.  Everyone was so friendly.  Everyone of the large group of ladies made sure that they came over and introduced themselves to us and told us how glad they were that we were in the class.  There is no way that we could feel awkward and uncomfortable with such a warm welcome.  When we left they said, "Please come back and try this again."  It warmed my heart knowing how many of you in the church are so friendly to newcomers.  We all have to watch out for new people and keep it up!

Well poor old Job had some "friends" that were not like the great friends that I have experienced.  Bless his heart, I was really bowled over as I read the beautifully poetic account of his suffering and the words of his "friends"!

In Job 9:1-13 Job talks about God's creative power and talks about how God performs "Wonders that cannot be fathomed and miracles that cannot be counted."  And then  in Job 9:32-35 he wishes for an advocate, a mediator between himself and His God.

My commentary points out that the desire for a mediator between God and humanity is a key theme in the book of Job.  It anticipates the New Testament emphasis on Jesus as the true Mediator between God and all humanity.  1st Timothy 2:5  "For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself a ransom for, to be testified in due time."

All though the friends did not really help Job in this time of trial, His faith in his God carried him and God was proud of him.  I know that as we work at honoring our Papa God, He is proud of us.  He looks past our mistakes, straight into our hearts and say's  "This is my child and I am happy and proud that he or she is mine.

Isn't it wonderful to know this truth about our Jesus, our Mediator between us and our God.  He is our friend, when we are lonely, He is there!  When we hurt, He hurts with us.  When we are happy, is rejoices with us.  What a God, what a Saviour!

Be blessed this week, and  I would love to have some of you ladies join Fran and me for Zumba Gold!  There are a whole bunch of ladies we can invite to come to church or Bible study for a start.

Lets look all over for people we can invite to church, or events that could bless a lonely person.  We have Girl Friends on Thursday....and Prime Time at 4:30 on Saturday.  These are bridges to friendship and new life for people.