Wa Wa Wa Wipeout

Daily Bible CoverGod is looking for a people whom He can entrust His word to. A people who will selflessly carry the word of the Lord to the nations, a people who will be faithful with His whisper. A generation that would lay down their name, their future thrones and agenda as secondary so that His name, His agenda and Kingdom would be lifted up in their cities. This generation is not swayed, nor driven by the applause of men...they know who the cheers, the recognition and pats on the back belong to. This people will lay down reputations to demolish strongholds, anything for one heart to see Jesus. Competition is not in their vocabulary, their joy is seeing others go farther, to hand off the baton and watch someone else finish the race they started. All because it’s not about what they do, its about being apart of what God is doing. A generation that would not only be entrusted with His word but would receive His word. I feel like its easier for us to give correction then to receive correction (maybe just me haha). It’s easy to point out other people’s failures then to acknowledge our own. It’s such a big hit we’ve made TV shows centered around the mere entertainment of watching others fail, fall and get hit with a baseball bat while the piñata stands untouched. It’s all about the joy of broadcasting the world’s mess-ups as long as ours remain hidden. It would be rather pointless to devote a whole blog to make us feel guilty that we’ve enjoyed an episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos or Wipeout....So I think we'll focus today’s reading with a true word, that I believe, is for all of us.

There are two things I believe the Lord was speaking to me when I read today’s reading.

1. He desires to entrust His word to us no matter what it is

2. He desires for us to receive His word no matter what it is

Can He trust us with his word? We must devote ourselves to seeking His word and studying His word but once we’ve been given His word what will we do with it. If we desire to speak the words of God we must be faithful with His whisper. When reading the Bible It’s impossible to X out the voice of God in and through His people. God is always speaking. It’s His desire to communicate with His people. He wants to speak to us and He wants us to speak to Him. Some Christians think the voice of God is only contained in the Bible and then stopped, but to say that is to say that He isn’t speaking any more... and to say that is to say that He’s done working, moving and His kingdom is no longer advancing. We know that isn’t true, we know God is the same yesterday, today and forever and His kingdom is forcefully advancing. Everyday, He is doing something in and through His people!

Baruch, Jeremiah’s scribe, was “entrusted” with the word of God. Jeremiah tells him to go read it in the temple so the people of Judah could hear it and turn back to the Lord. Baruch was literally sick and tired and the Lord tells him to stay away from selfish ambition and that He was going to help and protect him if he carried out His word in Jer. 45:1-5. God is looking for people like Baruch who will simply be carriers of His presence and word, available at any moment to be used by Him, no matter how dumb the word or deed might sound, but that it would be spoken and done so that people would see and hear Jesus. God’s words should never be spoken out of hatred, bitterness, selfish agendas, manipulation or hurt...without love His word and deeds are like a clanging gong.

We must receive God’s word. Any person who spends most of their time giving words instead of receiving is one to be cautious of. Receiving is not merely hearing it or writing it down... It’s accepting it, humbling ourselves and walking towards it. His word, when received, will always make us more like Him. In the same way “The Word”, Jesus, came to the world to save us and make us holy, His word comes to us to make us new and more like Him.

Jehoiakim, king of Judah, heard the word of the Lord but did not receive it. In fact while it was being read to him he was cutting the scroll and throwing it in the fire. The more God’s word was spoken the more set in his ways he became. The word of God is never confirmed by man’s acceptance of it. It’s never confirmed by whether it changes someone while it’s being proclaimed. God’s word does not need man’s approval or confirmation in any way shape or form. Baruch and Jeremiah could of thought they were hearing wrong because no one was receiving it, but their "win" was not to change hearts but to make His message clear.

God desires to entrust His word with us! Oh, that we would be faithful and believe everything He tells us. His word will endure forever! He will bring about every promise! God desires for us to receive His word. Oh, that we would welcome his rebukes and accept His correction that we would arise as His unshakable army! Speak your word to us today, Lord! Amen!