Waiting Here For You - Hope and Love

waiting3 This week starts our Advent series Waiting Here For You. Many times in life we find ourselves waiting. For things as trivial as our turn in line at the grocery store to much more series things like a judges ruling, a doctors report, or whether or not our spouse is going to stay. Waiting can be unbearable.

That is what the advent season is. It is a season of waiting. But it is also a period to time for preparation, expectation, and anticipation. Israel had been waiting for hundreds of years for the long awaited one that God promised to send. And yet when Jesus finally came, in God's perfect timing, they missed it. They found themselves unprepared.

So what do we do in our waiting period. What do we do when the themes of the Christmas season, the themes of the Advent season, Hope, Love, Joy and Peace seem to be completely absent in our lives?

Waiting Here For You 1